Crystal Care

Good day everyone.  I have just received a couple of questions from a reader about crystal care.  Since I recommend using crystals a lot, I decided it’s time to write this small post on how to maintain them.  It’s not just about keeping these charms clean but charging their energy.  They need our help with both of those things just like we need their help for what we want to attract.  Here’s what to do.


Sun and Moon Expose’

Start with giving your crystals the gentle light of the moon.  Make sure you have a good spot in your home where the moon can be seen.  Place your crystals directly into the moonlight.  Keep them there for two nights.  They will be charged and ready for the next step.


To balance out the moon energies you will need the power of the sun.  Like the moonlight, you need to place your stones in a good spot where the sunshine can directly touch them.  Keep the crystals in this spot for another two days.  I want to note that you can do the sunlight and moonlight steps simultaneously.  It doesn’t have to be separate steps as the outcome is the same.  I notice that in some homes the sun and moonlight are better in different spots.  With the strength of the sun inside them, they are balanced but now they need grounding.


If you have house plants in your house then that’s the perfect place to do this task, otherwise take them to a safe place in your yard.  Lightly bury the crystals into the earth.  If you are doing this in your yard then make sure you have a marker placed where you have buried them so it’s easy to find them again.  Leave them for one day.  Dig them up, brush them off and then lightly blow on them so they know it’s you.  Onto the next step.

Salt Water Bath

Salt Water

Have a small bowl of water and mix a pinch of sea salt in it.  Place the crystals lightly in the salt water.  If you have crystal that is a bit wear-and-tear then put it in an empty jar and place them both in the water.  This way you can still have the water’s pure energy without losing bits of your crystal.  Set this in a nice out-of-the-way place for a day and then retrieve it.

Your Energy

Last but not least go to your mediation spot and hold the crystals in both hands.  Close your eyes and concentrate on your gemstones for five minutes.  Visualize this bright white light surrounding your stones.  Imagine this light getting brighter and brighter as the minutes go by.  When you open your eyes and your crystals look brighter then your duty is done.  If not, just take a couple more minutes with this step.  Put your crystals in their places and walk away.

After completing these steps you will have successfully cleaned and charged your beautiful stones.  Repeat these steps 2-3 times a year.  With your patience, nurturing and love they will work their magic.  Incredible things happen with these amazing gems after a little TLC.  Make sure you too have a little sunlight, moonlight, soil, salt water and meditation of your own.  Take care!