Things to see and Places to go … when you are Travelling

Hello friends.  After much travelling and planning for future travels, I wanted to share with you what I suggest for a fabulous holiday.  It doesn’t matter if you are having a staycation in your backyard or going to an exotic location, these suggestions can be done anywhere.  Here is the list:

Go to a Beach or a Pool

There is no better holiday than hanging by the beach and going for a swim in salt water.  Going for a swim in salt water not only refreshes you but cleanses you of all negativity and refreshes your soul.

Go to a Garden

Being around all those plants and flowers, watching the butterflies flutter, smelling the sweet and spicy smells that surround you.  Need I say more?

Do something Wild and Crazy

This is what brings you the most memories and helps you to step out of your comfort zone.  I suggest trying something like surfing, bungee-jumping, rollercoaster riding, etc.  It may seem scary at first but when you take that step you will never feel more alive than at that moment.  For me, it’s like flying.

Explore all the old buildings

To see these structures up close and personal is very surreal.  It’s like stepping back in time.  You can see what these buildings once were, what the people of that time were doing in them.  In fact, try one of these tours that take you into these interesting places and they will give you an insight of the history of them.  It’ll help you visualize what once was.

Try the Food

Exotic flavors especially in the form of food is a MUST.  When I went to Hawaii, I tried one of the best things that came from this beautiful island.  A pineapple.  Yes I have had pineapple before but not straight from the tree.  It was juicy, flavorful and oh so yummy!  I wish I had one right now.

Do a little Shopping

Some of the best gifts I have gotten were items from other countries.  I have this beautiful red kimono from Korea that a family member gave me for Christmas.  Red is lucky there and this robe has been very lucky for me.

Take in one of the Local Talents and/or Shows

A night of entertainment should be on everyone’s list.  Seeing a show is a part of seeing their culture.  You get to see things in a different point of view, listen to music that you normally do not hear on the radio and it’s just freaking awesome!

You can do all these things on your holiday. Who said this world isn’t magical?   All you need are a few ideas and these magical ingredients: lots of memories of things that are wondrous, throw in some whimsical experiences, a souvenir and you got a holiday.  Have a good day everyone and happy travelling.