A Fairy Tale Tea Time Treat

Fairytale Treat 1

Isn’t summer a wonderful time of the year?  Numerous outdoor activities like hiking, biking, water sports, camping and picnicking are loads of fun.  Food like berries straight from the bush.  Berries are bright, fresh and after the first bite you know it is summer.  Citrus fruits taste like sunshine.  Eating seasonal foods is one of my favorite activities.  I decided I wanted to have an afternoon picnic in the park. Alone, in the shade of a large elm tree, with my blanket and a good book. And of course, an afternoon treat that tastes like summer.

Early that day, I selected a basket of fresh organic raspberries, a small jug of organic fresh squeezed orange juice, a small key lime tart, and a Tazo passion herbal tea.  Why did I chose these?

The raspberries are at their best from mid-July to the autumn and I can’t resist a good berry.  Raspberries are the berries of kindness, female fertility, and ease impatience and internal pain.  Does that mean raspberries will cure what ails you if you are a woman suffering from PMS? No harm in trying. Each taste of oranges and limes evoke memories of beaches, warm breezes, and fresh air.   Oranges will magically build you up when you are down, help the lost find the right direction, and give new life to those who yearn for a change.  Limes will eliminate any bad luck or negativity and bestow good luck; so very good for cleansings and exorcisms. 

 There shouldn’t be summer without a little passion.  That’s why I selected the passion tea.  Not only does it have orange peel in it but a mixture of sunny fruits and flowers including hibiscus, rose hips and passion fruit.  The passion tea does just what it advertises.  When you mix these ingredients a person’s passion for life is renewed.   They bring peace of mind, a heart filled with romance, and a body filled with vigor.  Perfect for a bright summer day.

Now I know you are probably wondering what makes this a fairy tale.  When I was alone, enjoying this special treat, I am pretty sure I saw little lights flickering around me. I think I had a little visitation from the fairies.  It’s nice to know that I have their blessings for a good summer treat.  Why not treat yourself to a solo summer picnic? Pick your own special spot, a favorite book, and special nibbles. Let your stress melt away to create more room for joy in your life. Open up your heart and let the sunshine in.

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