The Mikado, Old Spaghetti and Ghosts…Oh My!

Victoria, BC
Humboldt House

It was my last full day in Victoria.  We decided to celebrate it by staying in a beautiful Victorian Bed and Breakfast called the Humboldt House.  As we waited for our room I got to look around the eye catching waiting area.  Antiques were spread out all around and the furniture looked like it belonged in a historical romance

Mikado Bed

novel.  I imagine Jane Austen would be very comfortable here.  When we got the key to our bedroom, we saw that the door was labeled “the Mikado”.  We stepped inside and our breath was swept away.  Comely, Comfy and reminiscent of the Japanese culture, this room was worthy of its name.  Here another lovely bottle of champagne was accompanied with chocolate truffles.  My companion and I didn’t wait to enjoy them.

Mikado Bath


Chocolate and champagne is wonderful but we still needed to eat.  Luckily, we found a marvelous place that was just a couple of blocks away, The Old Spaghetti Factory.  A classic Italian restaurant that originated in beautiful BC (Vancouver to be precise).  If you want something yummy go for the crisp green salad with spaghetti and mushroom sauce.  Delicious!  My companion strongly recommends the same thing for all you meatatrians except add on the Meatballs.  Don’t forget to enjoy the bread with the whipped garlic butter.  That stuff is dynamite.

Spaghetti with Mushroom sauce

So after a big meal like that, I am ready for my next adventure.  The very famous Victoria’s Own Ghostly Walks.  Creepy, entertaining and informative, this walk is a writer’s dream.  You will get all kinds of inspiration from the stories.  My two favorite stories were of a man named Joe Newana (I hope I spelled that right) who was from Hawaii and

Old Spaghetti Factory Bread

a very dangerous man.  If you want this ghost to leave you alone, you have to tell him a joke and make him laugh.  I guess I said something funny that night because I sure didn’t see him.  The other awesome story is the tale of the Humboldt/ Douglas Street vortex.  At this intersection, people have disappeared without a trace.  The most famous case was of a whole city bus disappearing into thin air with many people in it.  How crazy is that?


Ghost Guides

My group and I managed to avoid any supernatural bad luck but I will never forget the stories. The ghost walk is a unique way to learn about Victoria’s rich, albeit freaky, history and get some good exercise (or exorcise).  Either way, it is good for everybody and the fresh air is good for the soul.  It certainly helped me sleep that night, not that I needed help at the contented, serene Humboldt House.  The next morning, I had to go back to Calgary.  So I decided to enjoy the gorgeous bath tub and eat my complimentary breakfast as my farewell from Vancouver Island.  Although I was sad to go, I did miss home.  Luckily, these two places are not far from each other.  I look forward to my next visit.

Weird Intersection