Attracting Fairies into Your Home

Would you like to make friends with the beautiful winged creatures known as fairies?  If you are as obsessed with these lovely mystical creatures as I am, then you want the real deal to come and bring their sweet, playful light into your home.  You must realize that fairies are a lot like people.  They need to be treated with respect, feel welcome, and be comfortable in their surroundings.  Normally, fairies are fearful of human beings so it is important to show them kindness, light-heartedness, and a sense of whimsy. Here’s what you can do to attract these magical nature babies.

Sweet Treats and Good Eats


Fairy’s Favorite food

You have to get their favorite foods.  Yes they have a sweet tooth.  This is why I like to go to my favorite bakery and pick up their lemon cheesecakes and chocolate cupcakes with buttercream icing.  Go out and find these ingredients; fruits (berries especially), vegetables, cream, milk, honey, cakes, cookies, chocolate, and candy just to name a few.  You will have to get creative with these ingredients because fairies always appreciate creativity in a dish.  Now that you have the treats you need to provide them with something to drink.  They love wines (the sweeter the better), lemonade, spring water, and sometimes even beer.  If it looks like a party and you invite them, they will be there with bluebells on.


Fountain of Foundation

A fountain for fairies.


Fairies are very attracted to water and its magical properties.  Water gives them a sense of fun and Zen.  Have a little fountain in your home because nothing puts the fey at ease better than the sound and feel of running water.  If you don’t have a miniature fountainn then a bird bath or pool of some kind will still have fairies flock around it.  Water has many uses for fairies.  They love to play in it like children, use it to sooth their aching muscles, and drink it to enjoy good health.  Having a water source is like having a pool party for the pixies.  They will enjoy themselves in your home and be sure to come again.  So go with the flow and get some water.

Say it with Flowers and Plants

Plants and herbs are an excellent way to entice a fairy into your space.  These magical beings need a place to hide, sit, dance around, and maybe even make some clothes.  Plants do a lot for fairies which is why they

ploads/2017/12/Fairy-Flowers-e1512944713293-225x300.jpg" alt="" width="225" height="300" srcset="http://www.lightlaughtermagic.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Fairy-Flowers-e1512944713293-225x300.jpg 225w, http://www.lightlaughtermagic.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Fairy-Flowers-e1512944713293.jpg 240w" sizes="(max-width: 225px) 100vw, 225px" /> Flowers for Fairies

are always around them.  Many experts will say that it is certain kind of plants that will attract fairies like bluebells, foxgloves, rosemary, thyme, etc.  And they are right but I find that when selecting plant-life they are not stuck on just those particular plants.  If the plants are colorful, sweet-smelling, and appealing to your eyes then the fairies will like them just fine.  So just go to your local garden center and pick out your favorites.  The fey will love what you love.


Play that Music

Fairies love music.  They do like classical music but that is not the only genre they listen to.  Any kind of happy music that you can dance to will attract them.  Songs from musicals (eg. “My Fair Lady” or anything Disney), pop/rock, world songs, and easy listening works very well.  Try to stay away from offensive rap, techno, and heavy metal songs because it hurts their ears.  You don’t always have to play

All That Sparkles

music.  They are also attracted to pleasant sounds like happy laughter, wind chimes, music bowls, or little tinkling bells.  Music and sounds create an atmosphere to put good spirits in high-spirits.  So turn up that funky music.


Give a Little Sparkle

Fairies love objects that sparkle and shine.  So be sure to show off some crystals, jewelry, or even rhinestones.  Don’t go too expensive otherwise you will never see those twinkly items again.  They are also very fond of metals but keep anything made of iron or steel away from them.  These metals give them breakouts.  Fairies also love mirrors and other reflective objects.  It’s very rare for them to get a good look at themselves since water does not show their reflection.  Water will only show them as balls of light due to the fact that fairies are mostly energy.  But a mirror has none of the proprieties that water does and it is very still, so fairies can see what they actually look like.

Make Your Home, Their Home

Just like ordinar

y people, fairies need to feel like they are welcome and have a place in your life.  To do this buy some little chairs, tables, couches and fairy houses to make them feel

Fairy Furniture at the Fairy Hut

at home.  Doll house furniture will do but you will find some perfect fairy furniture and houses in garden centers and specialty shops.  There is one specialty store that is strictly fairy and just opened up here in Calgary.  It’s called the Fairy Hut.  You will find all the things you need in there to attract fairies and that is why I just love it.  Ask the owner how many fairies visit there.  So if you are in the neighborhood check out the Fairy Hut at 1345 Northmount Drive NW, Calgary, AB or visit their website www.thefairyhut.com.


Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Find these at the Fairy Hut

J ust as the song says, so you might want to remember that note for note.  Don’t worry, be happy.  Fairies love carefree, cheerful people.  They want to be around people who want to bring them joy and sunshine on an otherwise dreary day.  So be that person for them.  Tell jokes, fill the air with laughter, and show off your pearly whites.  There is a reason why a fairy was assigned to gather the teeth under pillows and that is because they like to see people smile.  So show your smile, bring some cheer, and your fun-loving side.  They will love you for it.

Love the Animals, Love the Earth

Love for all Creatures

Fairies love animals and they appreciate any effort you make to preserve the earth.  If you have a pet of some kind, they want to meet them and make friends with them.  Fairies will also ask the animals how they are treated so be sure to treat your animals with the upmost respect, care, and love.  It’s not just good for the animals but good for you too.  When you show that you are capable of love then good things come to you.  Speaking of good things, don’t forget the three Rest.  Reduce, reuse, and recycle.  Fairies greatly appreciate anyone who does their part in helping the environment.  You don’t have to be a fanatic but show that you care about your world and they will let you into theirs.

Just Believe


Fairy Dust

In order for fairies to believe in you, you need to believe in them first.  That is the hugest key of all when attracting fairies. The power of belief is how we can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.  Fairies need us to have faith in magic and light so they can appear to us.  If you find yourself having a hard time believing, then think of your favorite fairy story.  Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” always gets me imagining fairies coming into my home and having a big party. Keep those visions in your mind eye and open your heart to them.  After all, fairy parties are the best parties.


There are many good reasons to have fairies in your home.  They can make a home a much lighter, happier place.  They help bring love and beauty into your life.  Or they can even heal you of any emotional or physical hurts.  The reason why I like to have fairies in my house is because their energy and spirits make me feel safe, like anything is possible, and that dreams can come true to those who know how to use a little magic.  Why would you like fairies to visit you?

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  1. When my daughter was real little we always went out to feed the wild fairies. She would take them honey. I don’t know how fairies would like my home though my alter is covered with dragons.

  2. I love tiny things. I have been collecting miniatures since I was a child. I like the fairy hut and fairy furniture. So beautiful!!

  3. What cute ideas! I’m always adding fairy furniture and play areas in my house plants. I think it gives them a little bit of magic and a whole lot of charm. Thanks for the great ideas!

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