First Date Jitters

La La La La

It’s perfectly normal to get a little nervous when we meet someone new.  Everyone wants to put their best foot forward and make a good impression but with that comes anxiety.  You start asking yourself questions like, “What if they don’t like me?”   “What if I don’t like them?”  “What if they turn into a werewolf?” It’s easy for these questions to take over your brain but luckily you can counteract them.  It may not be a magical spell that works in an instant but these tips will work like a charm.

  • Take a Breath: When you find these questions circling around your brain, stop and take a few deep inhalations.  Focus on the air that fills up your lungs, hold and release your breath slowly.  You will find that your anxiety will slowly melt away with each breath you take.  Repeat as many times as you need.  A little meditation is probably the best thing you can do when you have anxiety or depression.  When you focus solely on the moment every trouble just seems to disappear and not matter anymore.
  • Light a Pink Candle: When you light a pink candle you are attracting love, friendship, trust and openness.  Try to focus on the flame and repeat a positive affirmation.  I like to say, “I am worthy of love and brave enough to take a step in that direction.”  This is a very calming practice and it can help you be positive about taking that next step
  • Have a Chocolate: Chocolate is a known mood booster.  It contains phenylethylamine which is an anti-oxidant that stimulates and releases endorphins, giving you a much needed reason to smile.  Here’s something else that will make you smile.  It’s also said to be a wonderful aphrodisiac.  So if you aren’t feeling too confident in how you look or feel, have on
    Rose Quartz and Pink Candles

    e of these and you will feel more ready than ever to face a new suitor.

  • Go for a Swim: It’s not as crazy as it sounds. A good swim cools you down, pumps some blood into your muscles and helps your mind become a little sharper.  Besides if you have the luxury of a wave pool or waterslides at your local recreation centre, you open up your own sense of fun.  If you don’t have those things, no worries.  Just enjoy yourself.  It’s always good to have a sense of fun on a first date.
  • Walk in a Garden: There is no better feeling of euphoria when you explore all of those beautiful plants.  I can’t say why but just looking at all those flowers make all troubles disappear when you lay eyes on them.  Then there is the smell of them.  Feel free to stop and inhale the blissful scents around you.  But, watch out for the bees.  They sting your nose and you can’t pass it off as a zit.  For a short time, a small connection with nature will put everything in perspective again.
  • Carry a Rose Quartz: This particular crystal is one of the most gentle but powerful stones out there.  It is a stone that helps attract love and keep your heart open to it.  A lot of people will also carry this stone to help relieve past traumas especially with associations to love.  I highly recommend keeping this stone in your wallet or purse and touch it whenever you feel nervous about your upcoming date.
  • Stop and Smell the Roses: This does coincide with walking in the garden but smelling roses is a very good idea.  The scent of roses is not just an aphrodisiac but also an antidepressant.  One whiff of these sweet aromatic flowers and it will trigger your olfactory senses to release all those wonderful happy hormones.  I recommend getting a long stemmed rose or the essential oil.  If you get the Essential oil, put a touch of it onto a cotton ball and take a deep inhale of it.  I will save you all the long scientific story and t
    Stop and smell the roses

ell you what the rosy smell will do for you.  It will help you will gain confidence in yourself, be in a happy mood and ready for anything.


That’s my list folks.  Please tell me how it works out for you.  Try not to worry too much.  Things have a way of working out.  I have a story about a lady and her two first dates with two nice guys.  One was a dinner date, the other was a slushie/walking date.  She had a really fun time with both of them.  Unfortunately, there was no chemistry with either.  Still she enjoyed their company and was looking forward to future first dates.  So you see even if things don’t work out, you can still have a good time.  First dates are meant to be fun and full of possibilities.  No one can know what’s coming next but that’s also a good thing.  You can’t plan everything except this… plan on being surprised.