Get Rid of Negativity

Are you feeling depressed, angry or fearful for unknown reasons?  Is there a big cloud of negativity hovering over you?  Don’t be ashamed, it happens from time to time.  It can be hard to spot too.  Many people don’t know that it is happening until someone on the outside tells them something like, “You look tired.” Or “Are you having an off day?”  It’s not fun when that happens but luckily there are ways that you can get rid of that nasty feeling.

Have a Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate Ingredients

Nothing like its warm sweetness to ease a grim situation.  Chocolate is filled with anti-oxidants, is a natural mood booster and will help clear your vision (even your third eye).  There will be more to this particular hot chocolate than meets the eye.  You will want to use real chocolate (dark or milk).  Put a square of this chocolate in a cup and melt it down slowly in the microwave for 20 second intervals.  When it melts, add some warm milk and put a pinch of these spices in the mixture to lift your spirits:  cinnamon, ginger, and chili pepper.  Top it all with whipped cream and you have yourself a tasty booster that puts you in the happy light.  So by all means give into your cravings and enjoy a lovely cup of this mystical cocoa.

Make it Happen with Crystals


The easiest and smallest task is to get some crystals.  Not just any crystals but these ones:  pyrite and sunstone to promote positive energy; black tourmaline and smoky quartz to turn negativity into positive energy; amethyst, rose quartz and turquoise to give you love and peace in your home.  When you get these crystals, place each one in a different room.  They can be in plain sight or hidden but it’s important to keep them close. These wonderful little gems will create a lot of magic in your home.

Smudge the Crud Out

Smudging is a popular Native American technique to clear out bad vibes in your space.  The smoke will capture the negative energy and float it back to the spirit world. You can buy a smudging stick in any metaphysical store or make it yourself.  A traditional smudging stick usually contains sage, sweetgrass, or cedar.  When you burn this, start at your front door and work your way around to each room.  As you wave the smoke in the air, concentrate on love and wish it into your home.  Open your windows and allow the smoke to blow out of your windows as it is clearing out the negativity.  After you have smudged each room, thank the powers that be for allowing you to have a loving household.

Salt Water Spray

Don’t Just Say It, Spray It

The best way to keep the negativity out is to spray it out.  The first thing you need to do is mix sea salt with water in a 250 mL spray bottle.  Then go through your house and spray the salt water on the bottom of all your doors that lead to the outside.  Afterwards, spray all around the edges of your windows.  Allow this water to dry and breathe a sigh of relief.  The bad vibes will now stay out but at the same time you have to make sure that the positive energy stays in.  So this time in your spray bottle have wat

er with these essential oils.  Have 30 drops of Lavender, rose and/or orange oil.  These oils will bring in happy sensations and feelings of peace.  Go around with the spray bottle and spray the air in every room.  Let the scents fill the room and the room will breathe a sigh of relief.  Positive energy will be there to stay.

Clean and Declutter


Have you ever wondered why a room feels brighter and lighter after it’s freshly clean?  That’s because when we clean away the dust, dirt and grime in our homes we clear all that out of our heads too.  So go around, dust, wipe down everything and clean your floors.  Things will already feel better.  Don’t be afraid to open your windows and let the fresh air in.  “But it’s cold out.”  You might be thinking but don’t worry about that, just have another hot chocolate.  When you are ready, reorganize your things and put them in their proper spot.  If you find something that has no emotional meaning to you, then get rid of it.  Decluttering is a good way to at feel home again.  After all of that is done and if you are feeling up to it, experiment and move your furniture around.  The art of Feng-Shui can bring some good spirits back into your home.  Also moving your furniture around can change your perception of anything that bothe

rs you.  When you clean, declutter and practice Feng-Shui, there is order and therefore chaos can’t stress you out.  Now close those windows, it’s cold!

Bring in the Green

Spider Plants

Plants are an excellent way to bring an element of nature into your home.  They clean out all the negative air and turn your home into a magical haven.  Any plants will do but I recommend getting a spider plant for their air purifying qualities, an aloe vera plant for its healing qualities and an english ivy to inspire beauty in a room.  Then come the herbs that will bring some real magic into your home.  These herbs are white sage, lavender and if possible a eucalyptus plant.  These plants will bring on the light and keep the bad out.  You all should see my house, it is filled to the brim with plants but it does keep negative energy out.  Sometimes you just have to go green.

Do Yoga and Meditate

Aerial Yoga Love

You have removed the negativity from your home, now you need to work on you.  Yoga and meditation is the perfect way to do that.  Every time overwhelming and sad feelings take you over, it’s good to stretch out your entire body, rest your mind and lift your spirit to new, amazing heights.  There are several different kinds of yoga that are all fabulous but my favorite is aerial yoga (talk about new, amazing heights).  I love how you hang upside down and do a bunch of interesting contortions.  I feel like a kid on the monkey bars again.  At the end of every yoga session is the meditation.  A great feeling after a good stretch.  Meditation enchantingly removes any negative blocks in the mind and puts everything into perspective again.  You are in the moment and the world seems brighter.  So go for both.

Make Some Noise


After all is said and done, it’s time to make some positive energy through sound.  Play some music loudly, laugh, sing and dance around your home.  Go in every room and share your light with that space.  That is the joy of home, you bring your happiness and spirit into each room.  It doesn’t have to take all day or night (unless you really want it to) but it is remarkably effective and negativity will surely stay away.

Your home is your space and you must be able to feel wonderful as soon as you step inside.  So if you practice these steps regularly you will notice a big difference.  Just take a little time and know that you don’t have to rush to get it done all in one swoop.  It’s not a competition, it is your home.  Bless it, love it and give it your time.  This could be the best time you have with your home.  Enjoy it.





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  1. Getting rid of negativity is so key. I like to go for a walk, workout or spend some valuable time alone to help center myself and gain a positive outlook. It certainly takes discipline.

  2. Hot chocolate and cleaning are great ways to deal with the negativity. Sometimes you need to turn it into something productive – such as cleaning – and sometimes you need to just cozy up. Great tips.

  3. I will definitely be spraying it! I love how you gave so many ways of letting all that stress and negativity go. It’s very true how we don’t realize it but others do.

  4. I love lavender essential oil in my bath. Will try spray my room next time, never occurred to me. Also any physical activity is great to burn out negativity, if you don’t do yoga or meditation.

  5. Cleaning is at the top of the list for me! I find it so therapeutic and I actually make a physical difference to my surroundings that I just a positive! Great post- thanks for sharing!

  6. I never new about spraying the sea salt. I love the decluttering and playing music suggestions. It definitely helps me to feel better. I love chocolate too. I didn’t know it did all those things.

  7. Hot chocolate is how my daughter and I boost our moods together! You have some great tips on here and you totally reminded me that I need to smudge my house.

  8. Chocolate and decluttering work for me to chase the negativity away. I also like to play my favorite music and focus on laughter and memories of silly times. Thanks for sharing.

  9. These are great ways to destress! I want to do yoga but I just can’t do it, well music and peace are my escape during hard times.

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