How Halloween Helps Social Anxiety

Scary MoviesAre you nervous in social gatherings?  Does talking to people put you in a state of fear?  One reader brought up the issue of social anxiety and that got me thinking.  How can we help with this?  What can we do to make this better for someone who does suffer from this condition?  Then it hits me like a big pillowcase of candy…Halloween.  My favorite autumn holiday is a mystical time when all inhibitions can halt for one night.  Here’s what to do and why it works.


Wear a Costume

A lot of people who have social anxiety just want to hide.  A fun way to do that is wearing a costume and being a character.  For one night, you can be whoever you want to be.  No one will judge you (unless you have the best costume ever), you get to play for a night, and (the most magical reason of all) your creativity shines.  Allow yourself to get out there, laugh, and be a part of the Samhain (old word for Halloween) experience.  It only comes once a year my friends.  Make the most of it.

Eat candy


Now this doesn’t happen once a year but it’s good to find an excuse to eat junk food.  You don’t want to get too carried away but I recommend getting those big lovely boxes filled with little candies that you hand out to trick-or-treaters.  This time of year when winter is just around the corner can be a little depressing.  It’s good to give yourself a little treat.  Plus you will get a rush of endorphins, boost your energy and be ready for the

one of the best holidays ever.  If you have kids make sure that they share their trick-or-treat goodies.  Tell them that they must share with you as payment for taking them out and getting their costumes.  It is a good business transaction.  Let’s face it.

Do Magic Tricks

Who doesn’t love a little magic on Halloween?  A suggestion is to learn a couple of magic tricks.  It will give you a unique flair, sense of whimsy and boost your confidence.  You will also find that the right people are drawn to you.  My suggestion is to learn how to make coins appear out of someone’s ear, bend spoons with your mind or the good old fashioned disappearing hanky trick.  There are not enough people in the world who know how to do magic.  If you learn a couple of illusions like these you will find that it makes some other people happy.  This in turn will make you happy and much less anxious when you meet other people.  Pretty neat trick eh?

Dance Like Crazy

Dancing is a super fun way to get rid of nervous energy, boost your mood and let your soul be free.  When you dance you do good things for your body like getting healthier organs, stronger muscles, and losing weight.   That’s not all, it’s good for your mentality as well.  You allow yoursel

f to improve your mental functioning, get better social skills and increase your self-esteem.  I recommend taking a Zumba or hip-hop dance class.  That will get everything going but if you are still unsure about dancing in public, just dance in your own home.  It all works for your benefit.

Watch Scary Movies

Scary Movies

A good scary flick is just what you need when you are scared of people.  Movies can pull out so many emotions, inspire you to try something new or even give you cool costume ideas.  But in this particular genre you will focus more on the protagonist’s problems rather than your own.  Believe me you will forget you have a problem with people when there is a big nasty monster chasing a character in the woods.  It maybe rather unconventional but these films are a good reminder that there are bigger things to be scared of.  You don’t have to be so afraid of people but a possessed doll on the other hand. That might be something to avoid and you will be happy when you see other people around instead.  Think about it.

Just say, “Hello”

Typical Greeting

This is probably the hardest thing for someone who is anxious around people to do but you have got to take that first step.  You will find that the more you walk up to someone, smile and say, “Hi.” That it will get a little easier as you go.  Make sure you listen to them and ask them questions like.  “How are you?” “What can you tell me about your costume?”  “What is your favorite treat?”  Get to know the other person and let them get to know you.  Everything that is supposed to happen will happen and even if it turns out differently than you hoped, you move on and try again.


So there you go.  Anyone can slip up and make a mistake in a social setting but try not to worry.  Most people are not out there to humiliate or harm you especially at a Halloween party.  People are at their best, feeling their best and wanting to experience the best.  It’s all about fun, frivolity and feeling fabulous.  For this one and only night, the supernatural veil is removed which means extraordinary things can happen.  You will feel a lightness in spirit and magical forces surround you.  If you are searching for a miracle, you may find it on All Hallow’s Eve.  You can call it divine intervention, sheer dumb luck or just an incredible sugar high but something about this time of year brings such joy and fun to all.  So go out, and have the best time.  Who wants to have some fun?

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  1. Very interesting. I’m not much of a dancer but I am trying to break out of that and start learning how to become a good dancer. And if it does what it says it does, then hopefully my stress will go down and not be nervous about messing up or what others think.

  2. I dress up every year. You are so, right–it’s good to be someone “else” once a year. And yes, watch lots of scary movies! Halloween is so fun and it’s even better when you get into the spirit of the holiday.

  3. I usually don’t go out on Halloween because I have severe anxiety, but over the last couple of years I have noticed that when I wear some sort of mask I can relax a little. I am definitely loving these bags of candy, but I am trying not to overdue it. Happy Halloween!

  4. This is so great for people who wouldn’t like holidays otherwise. I do have anxiety, but it’s not social anxiety so I haven’t had to worry about big groups or changes. Thank you for putting together a list for those who could use an extra push to enjoy the holiday!

  5. These are such wonderful tips and I enjoyed your writing. “It hit me like a big pillowcase of Halloween candy” haha so fun! I agree that this time of year is great to help with social anxiety.. there are a lot of good distractions and opportunities to work though it!

  6. Halloween is a good kickoff of the silly season. With celebrations like this it’s much easier to be yourself or hide behind a mask. Hope you will enjoy to the fullest and it will help you grow personally to dive into the crowd once more!

  7. I loved this post!! And I just had to giggle at the part about your kids sharing candy because it’s payback for taking them costume shopping LOL! Too funny! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I think you hit the nail on the head about parties and social anxiety because I become a bit of a wallflower when I’m with a group of people that I don’t especially know well. Thanks for sharing! Happy Halloween!

  8. I would never have considered how Halloween could help ease social anxiety before reading this post. What a true and wonderful perspective. There are so many things that could assist them, and I absolutely love it.

  9. I agree people are more likely to engage and have fun without the worry of being perfect. I am sharing this blog. I love the fact how you tied getting over social anxiety and giving a positive vibe to Halloween. Happy Halloween.

  10. I am a shy type of person and I have not been into a halloween party. I scarcely join gatherings but not too shy to get to know anyone, even if I have meet the person for the first time.

    I had watched horror movies which caused me nightmares ^_^ so I stopped watching everytime the any horror movie’s scene is at its climax.

    I don’t treat myself with candies and junk foods. I had my teeth decayed because of eating candies and chocolates way back my youngest years. I had those teeth taken out and feared having appointment with any dentist anymore so I tried every possible ways to avoid teeth-decaying junk foods, candies and chocolates.

    Magic tricks and circus stunts, I know nothing about them. I usually keep an eye on the masters doing those stunts without blinking, just like the children . ^_^

    Enjoy life!

  11. I always get nervous at the start of a social gathering! Dancing has been a way to get over it because I focus on the music. And you’re right about just saying hello – sometimes that is the hardest part!

  12. I’m so glad you posted this about Social Anxiety! That is something I’ve been dealing with lately, and it’s tough. I love the idea of being able to dress up and wear extravagant makeup, because you do feel like you can just be yourself. No one is going to be judging how wacky, or inventive your mind may be.

  13. Some good tips for people with anxiety problems. Social gatherings and meeting a bunch of complete strangers can be stressful for everyone.
    I wish there were more days when people would wear costumes. It’s such fun to be someone completely different for a while and hide one’s face under a mask or make-up. 😉

  14. I love this!! It’s a great reminder to not take myself so seriously. It’s crazy that we have to wait for a certain day of the year to not be so judgmental of others, but, it’s so great to be able to see the positive in this! Great post!

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