Welcome.  Thank you for coming to Light, Laughter and a Little Magic.    Are you in a bind and you don’t know what to do about it?  You feel you are lacking in something and need some advice?  No worries.  Sometimes we all feel a little lost and without purpose.  But there is something you can do about it.

I am on a journey to live joyously and to look for enchantment in everything but I also want to help others do the same.  With my suggestions, I hope to bring a little happiness and magic into your everyday life.  There are so many wonderful things out there in the world and I am passionate in helping others find it.  My hope for this blog is not to earn a wage but to help others in my own unique way.  The Dalai Lama once said, “The planet does not need more successful people but peace-makers, healers, restorers, story-tellers and love makers of all kinds.”   These are words that I live by.

Ever since I was young, I wondered how I can make a positive impact in this world.  I knew that I couldn’t be a doctor or cure world hunger but I wanted to do something special.  I have some medical training and have an extensive (but still continually learning) knowledge on holistic health.  I’m all about trying new, sometimes off-beat things and I’ve always been a storyteller.  Writing has always been a creative release for me.  It’s been my way to share what’s in my heart and mind   So, the question is, how can I tie all of these skills and interests together?  I found that when I gave others advice and some kind words it helped them.  Some people were even inspired to try something different.   I want to do more of that.  My ultimate goal is to inspire you to have fun and live joyously.  So tell me, what can I do for you?

If you are intrigued by what you read here, please share on social media.  And feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with me.  I would love to know what you all think but please keep it clean, nice, and compassionate.  I want this blog to be a place where everyone can feel comfortable.  Have a magical time!

My advice is NOT a replacement in any way for anyone needing medical or psychiatric attention.  Please talk to your health care provider if you need help.