Magical Container Herb Garden

How can you make a magical garden when you live in a condo?  Many people have asked me this.  The good news is you can have a charming container garden.  It takes some work but you can get a lush and lovely little garden to nourish your mystical bodies.  The herbs you will require need a lot of care and harvesting.

I know what you’re thinking.  Isn’t it enough just to have them?  The answer is no.  We can’t just create an individual rain cloud that fits in your garden or bring plants to life with a touch of your hand.  You have to take water from your own home and water them.  Also you have to take a small knife or a pair of scissors and cut the herbs where it’s safe to cut them. Oh!  And don’t forget to fertilize these herbs because they need that big time.

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Now what are good magical herbs to have?  Here is a list and what they’re for:

Basil:   Basil can be used for so much when it comes to life.  For magical uses, basil is used for love, exorcism, wealth, flying, protection and courage.  Pretty cool yes?  Practically speaking it helps prevents cancer, heal cuts and aids digestion.  Best to cook in sauces, salads and teas.
Chamomile: What is this little herb good for?  It is used for meditation, centering, peace, protection, healing and money.  For practical uses, it is good as a sleep aid, relieves fevers and stomach aches, and is a good strengthener for blond hair.  Best used as a tea.
Chives:  This is to keep diseases and evil spirits away when you use it magically.  For practical uses they are mildly anti-septic.  Which is a good thing because we don’t want these hideous germs getting to powerful on us.  This is best in any kind of cooking from pastas, soups and salads.
Jasmine:  We fantastical darlings like to use this plant for love, sensuality, money, meditation and prophetic dreams.  Practically speaking it’s good for headaches, lifting your mood and calms anxiety.  The best way to ingest it is through teas but the scent is really all you need.
Lavender:  The magical uses of lavender is many and varied.  I like to plant this in my gardens for luck but it is so much more than that.  This herb attracts love, chastity (when used with rosemary), sleep, protection, purification, peace, longevity and happiness.  This is a herb that can be cooked or steeped in tea but I’ll be frank.  It tastes like soap.  Better to just use it as a scent only.

Lemon Balm: Lemon balm makes a very nice healing slave but it can be used for love or success.  It’s a unique herb because it’s good for the skin, kills viruses and calms your nerves.  Another plus is they attract bees and butterflies.  Best to drink like a tea or apply topically.
Oregano:  Like lavender, oregano has many magical uses.  It is a great use for medicines and anxiety relief but there is more.   It can also be used for happiness, tranquility, health, protection and helping you let things go that piss you off.  Unlike lavender, oregano is delicious and is good in just about everything.  You can make it up in sauces, soups and yes salads too.
Parsley:  This lovely, bushy herb is used for travelling and gaining wisdom.  For practical uses, parsley is good for your skin, blood and hair.  Once again, this is good for almost any dish you wish to have.
Peppermint: This is like catnip for fairies.  So if you are looking to attract a fairy, this is how to do it.  It’s used for healing, psychic abilities, meditation, and purification.  That is what peppermint does best.  For practical uses it helps you sleep, digest food and relieve headaches.  If you are looking to make something with it, I recommend using it as a tea or in a dessert.
Thyme:  Thyme’s associations in the magic include: healing, love, psychic knowledge and purification.  All of which are needed.  Now the best way to cook with thyme is usually with potatoes, soups and a cheesy casserole.
These herbs are just some starters.  If you would like others, I would also recommend rosemary, sage, catnip, rose hips and coriander.  Everything you need is here in these plants.  Does anyone have any other herbs to add?

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