Old Stone Butter Church Reveal

The Original Picture

On day five  of my vacation, I decided to take the day to relax and not go anywhere.  I also wanted to go over the photos and the voice recordings that I took when I went to the Old Stone Butter Church. 

The Orb

After hours of listening to the voices and flipping through the pictures, I found some startling things.  Things like what you see in the photo to the left.  There is an unusual light in it.  I think it is an orb.  I have looked over it many times to look for a reasonable explanation.  There was no sun that day and no cars coming by.  It is also in a very odd spot.  There should not be any light where it is positioned.  And I did not have a flashlight or the flash of my camera on.  So what else could it be?

Leafless Church

Then there is the voice recording.  I can hear my voice but there is no response to my questions.  However, there is the sound of someone walking around me.  Another peculiar thing is that it sounds like it is walking on autumn leaves. As you can see in the photos to the right there are no leaves inside this place.  I am standing completely still and not moving around whatsoever.  I imagine that if this is a spirit then it must be taking my measure.  If that’s true then what did it learn?  I’m not sure what to make of that.  What do you all think?

So upon contemplating what I see in the photos and what I hear on the voice recording, I know that there is something strange going on at the old stone butter church.  Whether it is a ghost or just some weird sights and sounds, I’m not sure.   I think there might be a spirit there that lurks in the area but it does not want to reveal itself.  To me or perhaps anyone. 

n>But I do know that I felt uncomfortable.  So it might be in the best interest of others to stay away from there.  Some things need to be left alone.  If anyone else has had similar experiences in the Old Stone Butter Church I would love to hear from you. 


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