Vancouver Island- Old Stone Butter Church

Old Stone Butter Church


Day Three of my travels and I’m in Duncan, BC.  That means that this was the day that I checked out the Old Stone Butter Church.  So after a quick breakfast and a little yoga, I high-tail it to the car with my companions.  It doesn’t take very long to get to the old church, just 15 minutes.  Still in those 15 minutes, I saw something in the woods. I saw this big black shape and I don’t know what it was but it was imposing.  I didn’t stop the car because there was a car behind me. I wondered at that point if I was already experiencing something unusual. 

We made it but there was a no trespassing sign.  Luckily a very nice first nation’s person granted us permission to go in and check out the church. It was a very old building that looked like it came straight out of an Edgar Allen Poe poem.  Even more so since it was such a dark, cloudy day.  My

Look into the window

companions chose to stay in the car while I explored all around this church, snapping pictures, making voice recordings, and otherwise just seeing what happens.  At first, it seemed like nothing was going to happen.  All I was doing was just staring at the graffiti tagged walls.  I decided to try an EVP session and that’s when something happened. 


The church became as cold as ice.  It was a chilly day already but this felt like a change in atmosphere.  There was no reason for this place to be so cold.  I started to get the feeling I was being watched and closely like someone or something was lurking in the corner but I couldn’t see it.  While I was doing an EVP, I felt a sense of dread come over me.  The kind of dread that screams at you to get the hell out!  That’s when one of my companions called me over and said, “We have to go!  I’ve got a really bad feeling!  We need to go!”  I didn’t think twice about it.  I dashed out of that church, into my car and drove away.  I guess what they say about that place and its creepy feelings are true. 


After, dropping off my companions, I decided to lighten up the day by taking my Nana out to lunch and do some shopping with her.  We went to lunch in a fabulous pub called Just Jakes.  Nana recommended it and I’m glad she did.  Just Jakes is a combination of art gallery and hip restaurant with its good food and good art.  I decided to go crazy (which happens more than once) by ordering nachos and a gorgeous garden salad.  The nachos were just as they should be, cheesy, spicy and heavy on the guacamole.  The salad was fresh, flavorful and full of colors.   Just Jakes makes you feel like you are in the hottest spot in town.  The music was cool, the food was hot and

Inside Just Jakes Pub

the atmosphere was warm and welcoming. 


We boxed up the leftovers and walked all over downtown to look at the fascinating stores.  You will find everything that you could possibly want from unusual gifts to homemade teas.  Here are my top three favorite stores.  The Eclectic Avenue Vintage Boutique (the name says it all) was a vintage clothing store where you will find some very interesting clothing and accessories.  If you are looking for a cute little 50s dress and some sterling silver jewelry to go with it, this is the place to go.  Sometimes, you don’t want clothes maybe you just want a good cup

Downtown Duncan

of tea.  That’s what Chari-Teas will do for you.  There are awesome tea cups to choose from and 100 varieties of loose leaf teas.  You can find everything from artisan, herb and medicinal teas along with the classic green, black and white teas.  It’s like magic but not as much as the last store, Wishes Books and Gifts.  There are the coolest items in there.  Things like crystals, fairy figurines, books and tarot cards are everywhere in the store.  I couldn’t help but buy a fairy figurine, aventurine bracelet and an evil eye key chain.  All are just absolutely gorgeous. 


About as gorgeous as the supper that I made for my Nana.  To thank her for a lovely day, I cooked up a tomato asparagus pasta. That night with another excellent bottle of wine that Nana made, w

Fairy Figurine and Evil Eye Keychain

e talked about what happened at the Old Stone Butter Church. I told her about the big black shape that I saw and the strange feelings that came over me in the church.  I always look for the most logical explanation first.  That black shape that I caught a quick glimpse of could be a black bear in a crouching position.  That’s when Nana told me that black bears have been sighted before in Duncan.  I also did some research later that night and found that there are black bears on the island.  That’s what it must have been.  Then there were those creepy feelings.  I could chalk that up to nerves or perhaps the excitement of the situation.   At this point, I cannot say whether the Old Stone Butter Church is haunted or not.  Perhaps my pictures or voice recordings picked up something. 

yle="color: #000000; font-family: Calibri;">Only time will tell, so stay tuned. 

Asparagus Tomato Pasta



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  1. I’ve never been to Duncan or anywhere other than Tofino, Sooke and Victoria but I’d love to see more of BC. When I’ve got the time it would be fun! Great write up and photos!

  2. I love a good ghost story. Did you ever listen to your EVPs? I think old buildings are just creepy and beautiful in general. There is something about them that I just find so fascinating- even in a state of disarray. That sounds like a really lovely day.

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