Vancouver Island: From Victoria to Duncan

Breakfast table

I awoke well rested in a luxury bed at the Abigail Hotel in Victoria.  I looked around the room and discovered that it was just as beautiful in the day light as it was in the twilight.  I was eager to start my day and wanted to spend the morning looking around.  But first I wanted to have the lovely breakfast that they served.  I chose a butter croissant to start followed by eggs benedict with fruit salad and rosemary roasted potatoes on the side.  I was delighted that they had jasmine green tea and a cranberry/orange juice because

Breakfast Menu

it made it a perfect breakfast for me.  It was a delicious meal that would last me for most of the day. 


After breakfast, I decided to explore the hotel and shoot some pictures.  I started out at the front.  It was so beautiful.  It had a sweet little garden that brought a bit of whimsy with the fairy bird bath.  This was so awesome because I love fairies!  When I arrived at the hotel the night before I pulled into the parking lot in the back of the property and never saw the garden or the hotel sign. I went through the back door and the hotel staff told me that I was in the right place.  Now having seen both the front and back yards, I took a little tour on my own inside the hotel.   The lobby was very quaint.  It had a special place for the guest book, a sweet little table for coffee and

Front door

tea and a beautiful crystal chandelier that rests just above the staircase.  Then I got to look around the library.  It was filled with books, movies and comfy chairs.  It would be a good place to spend a rainy day with a hot cup of tea and a good book.  The most gorgeous sight of this hotel was the stained glass window going up the staircase.  It was a piece of art all on its own. Because this place was so unique, I wasn’t in a big hurry to leave.  Check out time was 11:00 AM which was perfect because I am a slow mover and don’t like to rush. 


I checked out of the hotel and headed to Duncan which is an hour north of Victoria. I wanted to look into this strange mystery surrounding the Old Stone Butter Church in Duncan.  This church was built in 1880 by a man named Father Peter Ro


ndeault.  He came to the area with no possessions but the will to create a better life for himself.  The church was used for only ten years before it was abandoned.  Father Rondeault had already created 3 churches, so this place was not missed… too much anyway. 


The mystery of the Old Stone Butter Church is that a ghost of a fierce first nation’s warrior and mystic named Tzouhalem is said to haunt there and around

Stained Glass Window

the nearby mountain that’s named after him.  Of course, this peaked my interest but to tell you about the haunting, I had to get better acquainted with the ghost.  In life, Tzouhalem had a great fondness for killing people.  From the time he was young, his grandmother taught him to be a warrior.  One day when he was running in the forest he came across a cannibal spirit that told him, “Whenever you fight and kill, I will be there with you.”  That is how it all started but that isn’t where it ended.  After that, whenever he killed someone, he would retire to a cave and preform odd rituals using human flesh, dancing around his weapons, and singing a mysterious song.  His tribe became so uncomfortable with his erratic behavior and frightening fighting prowess, that they asked him to leave. 


I wonder about this cannibalistic spirit that guided him.  From what I read, it sounds like this spirit might be a Wendigo.   A Wendigo is an evil spirit in Native American lore that has such a taste for flesh that it is prone to its own mutilation and consumption.  It’s native to northern forests and

Nana’s Wine

the great lakes of Canada and the United States.  It shows itself as a monster with both human and animal traits.  It will possess its victims and cause them to kill and eat their own kind.  So knowing this, I could not help but wonder that if Tzouhalem is haunting there, would this evil being be haunting the area as well?  What I do know is that what has been happening at this church is rather unusual.  Most people who have been there, have had feelings of being watched along with some other creepy feelings. 


Dinner at Nana’s

I wanted to visit the church for myself but first I traveled to Duncan to see my beloved Nana (Grandmother).  She is wonderful company and a hell of a cook.  She also lets me stay with her and feeds for free!  How is that not fantastic?  That night we spent time reminiscing and drinking the wine that she had made (oh yeah she did!)  I told her what I had found out about the Old Stone Butter Church.  I planned on seeing it the next day and she was okay with it.  That night we both cooked dinner together and made a veggie thin crust pizza, a tossed salad and marinated tomatoes fresh from her garden. 

Old Stone Butter Church

Everything was perfect and relaxing.  I always love hanging out with my Nana.  Love you lots Nana!  Thank you for letting me use your spare room. 


Want to find  what happens at the Old Stone Butter Church?  Stay tuned. 


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